New Moon Sound Meditation

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This new series of Moon meditations will combine the power of sound mediation with the energy from the moon.

On March 21 we will harness the New Moon to invite new possibilities to your life.

The power of the sounds in this meditation will help you focus into manifesting all you desire.

Sound Healing is an ancient practice that uses various frequencies of musical vibrations to heal the mind and body in a meditative state. It enables an individual to work on their own self to conquer their fears and blockages thru the aligned frequencies of sound thereby enriching one’s life thru harmony.

Darshana has been changing lives thru Yoga and Sound Healing. She is certified as a Yoga teacher from the Government of India. She is also a Level - 3 certified Aerial Yoga teacher from Christopher Harrison’s Antigravity Fitness, New York. She is also a certified Sound Healer from The International Academy of Sound Healing.

Her unique style of Sound Healing helps one go deeper into meditation with an intent. Most people have experienced a distinct shift in their energies leading them on a path to a more enriching spiritual journey

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