About Us

coffee profile YuryWhen we started Taste of Colombia in 2012, we wanted to introduce people in Canada to some of the most beautiful things Colombia has to offer: coffee, food, music and warm, friendly people.

We are a Colombian-inspired and fair-trade café where clients can "taste"  Colombian culture the moment they walk in. The aromas, flavours, vibrant colours and amazing Latin music convey this message right away!

The concept continues to grow in our community and events room, El Salon, where we run our famous Salsa Night and other community and cultural events. 

Pictured above is Taste of Colombia's founder, Yury Wu-Parra. Yury is a Colombian native who dreamed of bringing the best coffee and the best of her Colombian culture to Canada.

Our team has amazing business partners, family members, baristas, bakers, instructors without whom our work and success would not be possible.