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Wellness & Self Care Pop Up - Feb 17, 2024

Wellness & Self Care Pop Up - Feb 17, 2024

Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 10-5 pm and join us for an educational and informative Wellness & Self Care Pop Up Market.

This interactive event will feature professionals in yoga, meditation, reflexology, healthy living, chiropractor, clean beauty products, mental health, retreats, soul contract readings, spa services, services for seniors and more.

Best of all - this event is free for you to attend! Please feel free to invite friends and family members along.

Contact us for any inquiries about this remarkable event! Yury (416) 5685707.

Meet the awesome participants who are bringing health - wellness and self care to you:

1. Lucy Reber- Happy Juice 

Passionate about supporting others on their journey, I'll be sharing valuable insights and serving up delicious drinks by Amare, a holistic mental wellness company. The drink that I will be sharing is called happy juice and what we do is we work on healing our gut Microbiome, to help our bodies produce and balance out, our serotonin, cortisol, dopamine, and gabba.
It’s all about the connection between the gut brain axis .


2. Sarah Lee of Selah Chiropractor

Selah Chiropractor’s mission is to re-introduce rest and recovery into the lives of our local community through chiropractic. We believe that healthier bodies will create more enjoyment in life. We want to normalize pausing and reflecting on the beauty that is within and all around us by taking time to receive the care that we all deserve.

Chiropractic is a hand-on, non-invasive and effective treatment for headaches, neck and back pain, as well as other joint, muscle or nervous system issues. Our goal is to improve posture, flexibility and mobility, using a combination of soft-tissue and adjustment techniques, so that you can live your best life!



3. Dominika Gejo: Healing Touch

I am a Reflexologist, Reiki practitioner and Healing Touch practitioner.

My lifelong passion has always been to help others achieve a symbiotic balance between their Body, Mind and Spirit. For over 15 years I have been healing ailments of physical and spiritual nature of very diverse clients. I have experience with identifying various needs and applying appropriate steps of the Healing process. I achieve that by using many different techniques I accumulated the knowledge of over the years. Mostly, I rely on Reflexology and Intuitive Energy Healing.”


4. Christine Macdonald- Beautycounter

Beautycounter is the leader in clean with over 2800 ingredients on our neverlist. Anything that COULD be harmful is not found in our 100% transparent products
Skincare make up and body are for everyone! We want everyone to be safe and healthy when choosing their personal care products


5. Margarita from 100  Pürscent

I am the owner of 100 Pürscent. I make non-toxic sprays, rollers & candles for home and personal use.

6.  Almerinda - HeartQuest Harmonious Healing

On the 17th, I will be providing mini Soul Contract Readings to participants who purchase a written Report for $25. Using a person's birth name energies, I look at a person's karma (challenges); talents/gifts; goals; and ultimate life purpose here on earth. Soul Contract is based on the Hebrew Alphabet; it was a system chanelled in the late 80's. A Soul Contract Reading provides a road map if you will to your life. Here is a sample PDF Report of a birth name analysis, which I will provide to participants who sign up for their Reading


7. Nindi - Rose & Sage Spa

I am passionate about helping people look great on the outside through high-tech, high-end skin care and also feel wonderful on the inside through soul based ancient rituals treatments.


8. Iman Grewal -  Mental Health & Wellness 

I am a Healer, Wellness Expert, Mental Health Professional and devoted Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner.
My mission is to help you connect to your true self as a whole human, mind, body and soul.
Like a tree, we begin with your roots and help heal and rebuild your foundation through self-love because only when we take time to replenish and love ourselves can we show up for others in every role we take on and every relationship we build.


9. Monica Sthepan - Zazen Meditation & Self Care Studio

Visit our meditation and self-care studio, immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity and inner connection. ZaZen is a whole-hearted self-care practice that connects our minds to our heart, to a state of one-ness. 


10. Sanpreet Sihota: Senior’s  Care Services

ComForCare provides personal care, companionship, respite, and home support services for seniors and adults in the community. We meet our clients where they are, at home, in retirement communities, long term care, etc. and provide exceptional and nurse-managed care. Our services include meal preparation, housekeeping and laundry, hands-on care, medication reminders, and safety supervision. All of our staff are trained, insured, and have excellent experience as PSWs or Internationally Educated Nurses. Our free consultation is the best way to get started and learn more about what is available. Oakville website coming soon!


  11. AlmaHappy: 

✨ Dive into a realm of serenity and sparkle with Alma Happy! ✨ Discover our enchanting handmade crystal trees and exquisite crystal jewelry, meticulously crafted to elevate your spirit and adorn your soul. From mesmerizing crystal creations to durable bracelets that promise to stand the test of time, Alma Happy brings a touch of magic to your wellness journey. 



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